You might have noticed already - LineageOS team has started to prepare for LineageOS 15 (Android O) already.

This has some significant impact on my kernels for several devices, which I would like to detail out for you a bit more as per the known kernel roadmap.


I plan to support LineageOS 15 (and respective OxygenOS stock roms) only on the following three devices:

  • OnePlus 5 + OnePlus 3/3T 


This means, with the end of LineageOS 14, the following devices will not be supported anymore (neither LineageOS nor other roms):

  • Galaxy S5, Galaxy S3, OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X


Game over after a long ride for the Galaxy S3, which I was supporting almost 5 years now. Also the Qualcomm msm8974 based phones S5, OnePlus One and OnePlus X are obsolete by then. OnePlus 2 with it's problematic SoC will also be discontinued. 

It was great to provide kernels to these devices in the past years for many great users (and some idiots, as always).


Thanks for the good times.

Boeffla-Kernel - your daily usage kernel for OnePlus 3, 2, One, X / Galaxy S5, S3 / n80xx, n5xxx